Empowering youth in real life financial and entrepreneurial matters through mentorship, leadership and community.


A demand for personal financial literacy resources has never been greater, and Empower A Youth is developing an ever-expanding list of programs to help students understand their own personal financial literacy and prepare them for the future.

Financial money matters 3 stage program

Stage 1

Teaching: “Real Life” Money Matters

First we teach the students how to manage money before starting their business idea. Students will all receive the “Real World Money Lessons” & will learn how to manage money with real life experiences (expenses, saving, education, play, charity, wealth, taxes).

Stage 2

Actively Engaging parents & Kids

Each student will be provided a copy of the “Kidpreneurs Young Entrepreneurs with Big Ideas” book, along with access to our online academy. This book encourages parents and children to have an open dialogue regarding financial and entrepreneurial matters.

Stage 3

How to start a successful Business

Now children are ready to start their business using real Financial Literacy knowledge from the previous two stages. They will develop and market their new business by working with their peers to learn teamwork, problem-solving and money management skills.

We are always working to create a deeper understanding of financial concepts and deliverables. Have an idea for a new topic? Let us know, we would love to collaborate with you!


We look forward to seeing everyone in the Spring!

Elementary Schools

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Financial Literacy Fundraiser

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