Creating the next generation of innovators through entrepreneurial learning, community & mentorship.  Students will be given the tools necessary to start their very first business idea!

What they can expect to learn

So you want to be an ENTREPRENEUR! Figuring out your passion, how to find a good idea. 10 awesome business ideas you can start now:

  1. Researching and surveying your potential customers – Is there a need for your product or service?  Would they pay for it?
  2. Your business name – Is it taken?, is the domain available?
  3. Startup costs – Pricing your product/service, how to fund your idea, gross profit vs. net profit, supplies required
  4. Marketing you idea – How will your customers know you are in business?,
  5. Branding – Creating your logo, brochure and/or website
  6. Elevator Speech – Being able to tell your customers within 30 seconds what your product/service is and does
  7. Networking – Always be selling your product/service.  Social media, friends, family.
  8. Giving back – Make giving back a part of your business… always.  Why you should donate part profits to charity, or volunteer in your local community.
  9. Re-investing – take some of your profits and put it back into your business to grow your idea, or future ideas!
  10. Managing your money – This is the most important part, managing your cash flow (Savings, expenses, play money, charity, education, investing)
  11. Finding your balance – Running a business while going to school, chores, sporting activities, etc.
  12. You got this!

Other topics that may be covered, time permitting: Business plan, Vision & Mission statements

“Remember, it’s not how much you make.. but how much you save”!


Our program is designed for in class or 100% virtual.  Due to the current pandemic, we are offering these amazing programs online for the time.

This course is an interactive training program and it’s packed with fun games, trivia and other activities to make learning about “starting your own business” fun!


  1. Access to a computer & printer (course will be online via zoom)
  2. A Word Processing program, like Microsoft Word is helpful
  3. A notebook to take notes and to complete homework as required
  4. Basic school supplies may be required

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    This program would not be possible without the financial commitment of our founding community partners, The Rotary Club of Haney and Maple Ridge Canadian Tire – Bryan Hutton.

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